Geelink 300W Portable Power Station GL-02 brings stable and safe power, it provides 80000mAH capacity, 300W AC output, and fast charging efficiency, which can run five appliances at the same time. The main body weighs only 2.7 kg, and the small and lightweight design makes it easy to carry. It will suit your needs wherever and whenever, camping, RV/van living, any outdoor activity, or emergency home backup.

portable power station



Weight:                              2.72KGS

Dimensions :                         12.3*12.3*19.5CM

Adapter:                                   DC 19V-3.42A

Certification:                          CE/RoHS/FCC/PSE/METI/UL


Capacity:                                   300Wh

Cell Chemistry:                        Li-ion 18650

Cycle life of battery:              ≥800 Cycles

Management System:             BMS and DCDC modules


AC Output:                             AC 230V/110V                         QC 3.0 Output:                      5-12V  (Max 18W)

DC Output:                             12V/5A                                       TYPE-C:                                   5-20V  (Max 60W)

USB-DC Output:                    5V/2.1A                                     Cigar Lighter:                          15V/10A

AC Output Waveform:        Pure sine wave





BMS, DCDC, Inverter Technology

As a professional and reliable portable power station manufacturer, Geelink has a senior and experienced R&D and management team and has a series of technical inventions and utility model patents. Geelink has successfully developed and mass-produced a variety of smart BMS and DCDC modules and inverters., which provide the protection function: overcharge, over-discharge, short circuit, charge overcurrent, discharge overcurrent, overheat protection.

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The Advantages of Geelink Portable Power Station

  • Multi-Function Output

Geelink portable power station comes standard with 1* pure sine wave AC power socket; 2 USB ports; 1 * QC 3.0 USB (5V-12V, max 18W) 1 * Type C (5V-20v / max 60W); 1* car port (Max 15V/10A 150W); 2 DC ports (Max 15V/5A 75W)

  • Large Capacities:

Different capacities of 300Wh/400Wh/500Wh/740Wh. Fully charged can be used for home/travel/camping for cell phone, tablet, tablet, GPS, laptop, walkie-talkie, GoPro, camera, drone, holiday lights, and CPAP machine, in addition, portable generator with built-in multi-mode Flashlight, and LED SOS mode.

  • Solar Generator

Get power anytime, anywhere, solar panels fill up with sunlight in 10 hours to keep your outdoors always energized! Provides green power. You can also use other flexible charging methods with wall sockets and car sockets.

  • Safe and Stable

The portable power station adopts a battery management system (BMS) and pure sine wave inverter, through short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection, and other functions to improve battery utilization and prolong battery life.

  • Portable Design

The Geelink portable power station is compact and has a sturdy handle. It’s easy to carry and its compact design makes the Geelink GL-01 ideal for enjoying RV camping and road trips.





GEELINK VS Traditional Portable Power Station


Environmental Friendly

Captures energy directly from the sun instead of fossil fuel; creating zero carbon dioxide or other pollutants

Easy to use

Simply press the “ONE BUTTON” to start the solar generator.

Appearance patent

More color options. Aluminum alloy shell, more sturdy, good thermal conductivity, good texture.

Pure Wave Inverter

Pure sine wave, widely applicable. Stable output waveform, with a communication function.

           portable power station             portable power station

Air Pollution

Uses fossil fuel to generate electricity, adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, making our living conditions worse.

Hard to StartUp

Compared with our “One Button Starts All” portable solar generators, the traditional generators are less convenient.

High Cost and Maintenance

Need to spend money on gasoline, changing spark plugs, and maintenance.

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