A Portable Power Station: Perfect Solution for Power Outage

Power outage is the single biggest problem from which the whole world is suffering simultaneously. In fact, there are many instances where people experience a power outage for hours or even days. Although power outages can be frustrating, it is important to be prepared for these types of emergencies. For this very purpose, a portable power station is made which helps you run your everyday affairs even in the absence of power.


Benefits of A Portable Power Station

Portable power stations have various advantages which urge people to get them for their everyday routine. These advantages include:


  • Solar Power Generation:

As solar portable power stations are not dependent on traditional electricity resources, running out of power is out of the equation when you own these devices. You can always get your power back as soon as you need it because these power stations are charged during daylight and used throughout the course of the day.


On the other hand, traditional generators either run from fuel or rechargeable ones need electricity to get charged in the first place. This means that in case of a long power outage, you will eventually suffer a lot. Thus solar power generators make your life smooth and simple.


  • Portable Design

One of the concerns of people using backup generators is the portability of these devices. However, as the name suggests, portable power stations are easy to carry from one place to another, which makes them highly user-friendly. Due to their portable nature, they can easily be placed wherever you want and whenever you want.


  • Lithium Battery Power Generation

Portable power stations use a lithium battery to make electricity. As a matter of fact, these batteries are less noisy compared to traditional batteries, which makes them popular among people. Whether it is the charging or discharging process of the batteries, lithium batteries win the show for low noise generation, keeping the surroundings peaceful.


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Geelink Portable Power Stations

Geelink has various portable power stations to solve the problem; three of them are as follows:


  1. Geelink Portable Power Station F500

F500 portable power station of Geelink comes with 130000 mAh capacity, which can be used for outdoor and indoor emergencies. They provide AC power of 500W of the pure sine wave, not to mention that its battery is made of lithium-ion. These generators have more than 800 cycles of battery life. Many people are now using these generators for camping or RV purposes, making them a great fit for every type of usage.


  1. F300m

With a rated capacity of 80,000mAh, this generator also comes with 12V to 25V of solar capacity. Its input power can range between 20 to 100W. In contrast, the LED power usually touches 10W. These generators are often used in households where people are seeking power solutions neither too big in capacity nor too small. It is feasible to take these generators for outdoor purposes since it only weighs 3.5 kg.


  1. GL-00

GL-00 portable power generators come with 98 Wh of rated power with a capacity of 26400 mAh. Not only this, but this generator has 3W of LED power. As these generators are only 1.3 kg in weight, they are highly portable, making them a perfect fit for a score of applications.

Other Products of Geelink

Portable power stations are not the only products manufactured by Geelink. In fact, the company has established its reputation in manufacturing different types of consumer batteries, power tool batteries, and electric vehicle batteries. Even within these modules, Geelink manufactures specialized products that solve thousands of users’ problems worldwide.


For instance, our camping power packs are the talk of the town for people who seek adventure in the outside world. Similarly, mobile phone batteries are available in various sizes for differing needs. So our batteries are made taking the modern-day challenges into account, which makes these batteries up to the mark.


Wrapping Up

Being a professional lithium battery pack manufacturer, Geelink always prioritizes the needs of its customers, which is an essential part of its brand-awareness strategy. We won the trust of global customers by providing qualitative batteries repeatedly and providing immediate customer support every time. Every Geelink battery is made by innovative brains in our R&D team.