3 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Mobile Phone Battery

Mobile phones have become like an extra limb for everyone in today’s society, as they have become our assistants, entertainment janitors, and communication tools. Mobile phones help manage our finances and even control our vehicles and homes.

But the ever-increasing role of mobile phones is taking a toll on their batteries, and the result is a battery that conks out quickly. Considering how hard it works, you cannot blame it, with apps running concurrently in the background and the numerous features they hold.

Since fast battery drains is the reality that you must live with, what can you do about it? How do you extend the life of your battery? Here are three crucial tips that Geelink shares to help you extend the life of your mobile phone battery.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Device Battery’s Life From Geelink

  • Dim your screen:Your phone’s screen is one of the main power guzzlers, and you can effectively extend your phone’s battery life by dimming it.

  • Apply power-save mode:Modern mobile phones usually feature a built-in power-save mode, which, when activated, helps conserve the life of your battery. Your phone stays on for longer even when you’re some distance away from the available charging options. The mode reduces the brightness of the screen and disables non-essential features.

  • Update your operating system:Regular updates will fix any bugs and issues that affect performance, eventually leading to performance improvements. Your phone manufacturer will often release updates, and it’s in your best interests to activate or download them when they become available.


Why is Battery Replacement the Best Course of Action?

While the above three tips on extending the life of a mobile phone battery will work, it’s also vital to remember that battery aging is inevitable. It will eventually become weak and hold less and less charge over time. So, what do you do?

The best solution in such a case is battery replacement. A rechargeable phone battery is more cost-effective than going to the store for a new device and is also more time efficient.

Why is Geelink Phone Battery Replacement Your Best Option?

Our mobile phone battery replacements are reliable and provide long-lasting power. So, why choose Geelink phone battery replacement?


  • Best quality products:As a professional and reliable lithium battery pack maker, we understand current smartphones have a high power draw, and so we manufacture them with the highest quality materials. You get a battery from Geelink that provides stable power and lasts longer.

  • Charging efficiency:Our phone battery has a rated voltage of 3.85V and a capacity of 2900mah. This means our Geelink mobile phone battery can charge quicker and store the charge for longer.

  • Small and lightweight:Your mobile device should be light and small enough for the hands. Geelink mobile phone battery has 73.6*59*4.2 mm dimensions and only weighs 47g, which means it is small enough to fit in a pocket and transport it.

  • Competitive pricing:Our battery prices are competitive, and this helps make the purchase easy for you. We understand how much importance you attach to your device, and transitioning to a new one is not always easy.

  • Professional customer service:Our customer service team can always assist you with queries or concerns.


At Geelink, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best products and services. Our mobile phone battery packs, power tool batteries, and solar portable power stations are made from the highest quality materials.

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